Giant Cross in Janesville Hit by Gunfire

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JANESVILLE (WIFR) – Just months after a Janesville church builds a giant cross, the symbol is hit by gunfire.

The 60 foot cross at the New Life Assembly of God in Janesville is unfortunately the victim in a shooting.

There are about eight visible bullet holes in the cross. Pastor Michael Jackson says he didn’t notice them until a few weeks ago. He says he believes the shooting happened ruing the winter, claiming that’s when the church closed the giant symbol. He says it’s not just about the cross, he says he’s more upset someone opened fire in the area.

“This is a densely populated neighborhood. A .22 would go a mile, what was possessing someone’s mind to have them shoot, almost empty a magazine into this cross, into this area. That bothers me,” said Pastor Jackson.

Pastor Jackson says they are going to fix where the bullets hit the cross, whoever he says they’re not going to fix them completely because he wants to keep the bullets shown. He wants people to be able to see that someone actually shot at the cross and that the cross is still standing.

Pastor Jackson says investigators have looked into the case, however there are no suspects.

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