'Ghost Hunters' Brings Crowds to Tinker Swiss

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Ever since Tammie Slusher's first paranormal experience more than fifteen years ago, she's become somewhat of a ghost hunter.

"I had something touch the back of my head, which flipped me out," said Slusher. "I thought I was losing my mind which actually I wasn't."

Slusher is one of forty braving the "Paranormal Tour" at the Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum tonight. Since the museum was featured on an episode of Syfy's "Ghost Hunters" earlier this week, she knew she had to see the house for herself.

"When we was walking getting closer, I looked up, it looked like I'd seen somebody sitting out there in the bench under the tree. So, I don't know," she said.

Tinker Swiss staff say the tours have been selling out since the museum was featured on television.

"Just today I walked through the parking lot and saw license plates from four different states, like Virginia, Wisconsin," said Tinker Swiss executive director Steve Litteral. "It's pretty cool. We've had a lot of people drive hours to get here just to visit the place after Ghost Hunters have been here."

Ghost Hunters will re-air its Tinker Swiss feature on Halloween, and staff expect even more people to turn out as a result.

Since tonight and next week's paranormal tour are sold out, Tinker Swiss staff say they will add on more dates for people to experience the haunted house for themselves. Those dates have not yet been decided.

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