Geo Policing Pilot District Close to Launch

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Rockford police are just two weeks from launching the pilot district for geo-policing.

The 65 officers who will be part of pilot program are already starting to move into their new offices. For now, the pilot site is inside the Public Safety Building in a separate office space from the rest of the police department. After the yearlong pilot program, the plan is to move the entire department into three separate buildings throughout the city. The idea is that this way, the officers will be more familiar with the district they patrol.

“You'll have eight officers working in the same area of the city every day with the same sergeant and they can work on problem solving and building relationships in the community as a team, but that team continues to the district offices where we'll have detectives that are also assigned to that same geographic area of the city," says Asst. Deputy Chief Doug Pann.

He says the city is still deciding where those three district buildings will be located. The city is considering a number of buildings but they will all likely need a lot of renovations before they're ready for police use.

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