General Mills Sale Draws 1,150 Customers

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Sharyn Swenson knocked out a year's worth of shopping in just minutes this morning, and she didn't even have to get out of her car.

"I mark the first Saturday of October every year on my calendar," said Swenson, who waited two hours in her car for today's event.

Swenson is one of more than 1,150 people who are taking advantage of General Mill's parking lot sale in Belvidere. The company is selling bulk items at deeply discounted rates.

"This is great for General Mills to do every year," said Swenson, who has been coming for six years. "It's good for them, you know it helps them with the United Way, but it also helps out, not only Belvidere, but Rockford and all the outlying areas. It's a great help for everybody."

The event generates hundreds of thousands of dollars for the United Way of Boone County. More than 200 General Mills employees volunteer each year to make sure the process goes smoothly.

"We try to have, make it fun," said volunteer Michael Hiller. "All the people that are here are volunteers. So we're out here having a good time, and hopefully that's what people take away from that."

Some residents are taking away items that are more than half the price of those found at the grocery store.

"Anybody that missed out on this, missed out on a great deal, that's all I can say," said Swenson, who spent over $400 at the sale.

A great deal that will benefit local families and the United Way.

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