Gatehouse Closing Rockford Design Center

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – The company that owns the Rockford Register Star is planning to pull out of downtown Rockford. It’s a move that will help Gatehouse Media operate more efficiently, so it can avoid bankruptcy. However, that means the 45 people who work at Gatehouse Media’s design center, might lose their jobs, on top of the 30 employees at the company’s facility near Boston.

Gatehouse’s Vice President of Content and Audience says they operate solely on the cloud or the internet, not servers. He says the speed is simply too slow for production, so they’re now looking to pen a new facility “somewhere in the U.S.” with the right bandwidth. The idea is to start transitioning employees in August and have the Rockford location closed by mid-January.

“We’ll obviously talk to every employee individually about joining the company at this new center that I think is going to be really an innovative and really great place to be and really a creative environment. And we think it is really the right direction for the company to head,” said Gatehouse Vice President of Content and Audience, David Arkin.

Arkin says the new facility will make more money by being able to offer print services to other media groups and that will require more workers than the two current facilities combined. Arkin hopes to hire the people who work in Rockford, but as mentioned, the location is still unknown.