Names Top 5 Lowest Gas Price Offerings in Great Lakes for 2013

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STATELINE (WIFR) -- GasBuddy, the nation’s leading gas price app, congratulates the Top Five lowest priced retail gasoline offerings in each Great Lakes state, which together saved consumers millions of dollars in their yearly gasoline fill-ups in 2013.

Each year, GasBuddy combs through nearly 35-million individual gasoline prices and compares each brand’s pump offering (by zip code) to the average price of local competitors. It then tabulates the results, rating each brand by the average discount it delivered versus the average pump prices in its competitive area.

Sam’s Club made it into the Top Five best offerings in four out of the five Great Lakes states. It was number one in Indiana and Ohio, with an average daily discount of 8.6cts/gal and 9.9cts/gal respectively.

Murphy USA and Kroger made the list in three states each. Costco was number one in two states and had the largest differentials of all brands in the region. Costco’s average daily price differential in Illinois was a whopping -16.1cts/gal, while in Michigan, they were priced at 14.1cts/gal under their competitors.

“We applaud these chains that clearly do their best to keep gas prices low for consumers,” said GasBuddy founder, Jason Toews. “Our goal at GasBuddy is to help consumers save money when buying fuel, and identifying the consistently cheapest sites is a key step.”

More than 35 million consumers have downloaded the free GasBuddy app, which allows motorists to find the cheapest gas stations in any area of the U.S. or Canada by simply pushing a button.

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