Gambino Turns Down Potential Pension

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Members of the Illinois legislature are rewarded for their work by earning a pension, but one local candidate says if elected, he'll turn his down.

Republican Frank Gambino is running for the 34th District Senate Seat. He says if legislators are going to take on pension reform, they shouldn't have a horse in the race. He even went a step further, when we talked with him one on one.

“If the pension system were eventually to be removed completely, which-- I'm not sure that's going to happen-- but I'm going to assume that it does, you would see a savings of a hundred plus million dollars to the taxpayers over the life of those people collecting the pensions," said Gambino.

Gambino's opponent, Democrat Steve Stadelman, responded to Gambino's stance by issuing a statement.

Stadelman says, "I don't think lawmakers should receive pensions, and I would support legislation that would end lawmaker pensions." He adds however, that won't be enough to reform the pension system.

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