Galapagos Awarded Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Grant

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Galapagos Rockford Charter School was awarded a Fresh Fruits and Vegetables grant in the amount of $13,654.40 by the Illinois State Board of Education.

This grant will allow Galapagos Rockford Charter School to continue to introduce nutritious fruits and vegetables to its student body. The purpose of the program is to provide Galapagos scholars with different fruits and vegetables that they may normally not eat while, at the same time, teaching them the nutritional value of such foods.

“Galapagos Rockford is proud to be one of only a few schools in the Rockford area that provides this quality of food programming” said Michael Lane, CEO of Galapagos Rockford.

“This grant will allow us to introduce scholars to new and healthy choices such as kiwifruit, passion fruit, tangerines, broccoli and many other options. It amazes me how many of our scholars have never eaten fruits that many of us take for granted such as cantaloupe or peaches. This program is a great way to put healthy foods at the top of the priority list.”

The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable program is a great addition to Galapagos Rockford’s existing breakfast and lunch programming. In January of 2013, Galapagos Rockford petitioned the state to allow Galapagos to provide healthier meals to all of Galapagos scholars. Upon approval, Galapagos Rockford partnered with a company that focuses on providing healthy, organic, and local food sourcing. According to Mr. Lane, the company, Gourmet Gorilla, provides food that not only “tastes better but has a positive impact on our scholars by ensuring that they are better prepared physically and mentally so that they can focus on their learning.”

Nearly 95% of Galapagos’ scholars qualify to receive these meals free on a daily basis. “This is just one of the many ways that Galapagos is working to enhance the quality of education for scholars in Rockford.”