GOP Hopefuls for Governor Reveal Biggest Splurges

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CHICAGO (AP) -- The four Republican candidates running for Illinois governor are revealing their biggest "splurge" purchases.

Businessman Bruce Rauner says he bought his wife a nice dress during a trip to Italy. State Treasurer Dan Rutherford says it's his home in central Illinois. State Sen. Bill Brady says he bought his wife a red Porsche convertible, while state Sen. Kirk Dillard says his was a crystal chandelier that hangs in the entryway of their home.

The candidates spoke Thursday at their final televised debate ahead of the primary contest next week. The debate included some lighter moments, like their personal spending habits.

CHICAGO (AP) -- The Illinois State Rifle Association is backing state Sen. Kirk Dillard's Republican bid for governor.

The pro-gun group sent a message to supporters Wednesday urging them to vote for Dillard in the four-way primary against state Sen. Bill Brady, businessman Bruce Rauner and state Treasurer Dan Rutherford.

Officials say Dillard is no bigger supporter of gun rights than Brady or Rutherford. However, they say Dillard has a broader appeal among voters, giving him a better chance of winning in November.

The association singled out Rauner, but cited few specifics. The association notes he was the only candidate who didn't participate in a gun owners' rights lobby day in Springfield.

Rauner told reporters Thursday that he's a gun owner and hunter and didn't understand the association's criticism.

GOP Ill. governor hopefuls less fiery in debate

CHICAGO (AP) -- The four Republican candidates for Illinois governor have squared off in a wide-ranging debate that lacked the fiery exchanges of their previous meetings.

Thurday's forum, hosted by Chicago's WTTW-TV, was the last televised debate before Tuesday's primary.

State Sens. Bill Brady and Kirk Dillard, Treasurer Dan Rutherford and businessman Bruce Rauner discussed their opposition to a graduated income tax, how they would govern with a Democrat-controlled Legislature, the role of unions and their feelings about assault weapons.

There were light-hearted, more personal moments as well. Brady said his biggest splurge was buying his wife a 10-year-old red Porsche, while Rutherford's was his home in Chenoa.

Asked about hobbies, Dillard and Rauner admitted they have tickets to both Chicago Cubs and White Sox.

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