Frozen Drain Causes YWCA to Flood

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A non-profit that helps families here in the Rockford area now needs some help of it's own.

Workers at the YWCA are trying to salvage hundreds of documents after water poured into the building this weekend, causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

It was frozen drains on the roof that caused water and snow to pile up. Since the water had no where to go it overflowed into the building, and when employees walked in yesterday morning they said it was like a waterfall running down the walls.

Now hundreds of important documents are laying out to dry after being soaked in the flood.

The YWCA's most important documents were ruined including financial records, payrolls and even client information.

The organization says over ten thousand gallons of water piled onto the roof and since it was flat it had no where to go, eventually causing it to pour down into the walls.

The YWCA says they're using dehumidifiers to dry out the papers and prevent mold from growing.

They say they hope to reopen Tuesday, but will be closed on Monday.

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