From the Pulse: School Districts Switch Bus Service

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STATELINE (WIFR) – Several local school districts are switching bus companies. It’s a story you asked us about on Facebook.

Starting in the fall, Rockton, Hononegah, South Beloit, Kinnikinnick and Prairie Hill School Districts will switch to First Student for their bus provider. They all pooled together for bus service.

Rockton's superintendent says the decision was made at a board meeting last month. The contract for current bus provider Illinois Central is up this year, so they received bids from four contractors, and they chose First Student at a cheaper rate. First Student provided bus service for the schools three years ago, so some of those same bus drivers will be coming back. The superintendent says the switch should not affect families.

“Our busing services will remain the same for next school year. We're currently working with First Student and our administrators are all working with them to try to make sure there's a smooth transition for the next school year,” said Superintendent of Rockton Schools, Dr. Michael Greenlee.
Parents will receive new busing information at the end of this school year, when they receive other registration information.

The contract with 'First Student' is another three-year deal.

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