From the Pulse: Loves Park Residents Concerned About Dumpster Diving

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LOVES PARK (WIFR) -- Now to a story you asked about on our Facebook page. Neighbors in Loves Park are concerned about a growing number of dumpster divers digging through trash at homes and businesses.

Some neighbors who live near the Hope and Anchor say they've seen a growing number of people rummaging through the dumpsters behind local businesses, and those scavengers might be scoping out homes to break into later.

Now, some businesses in this area do allow people to go through their trash. But the mess left behind is disturbing some nearby residents. They say there have been multiple thefts from yards and garages lately, and suspect the scavengers may be to blame.

The Loves Park Police Department says unless the business that owns the dumpster makes a complaint, there's not much they can do, and they have not gotten any complaints yet.

However, Deputy Chief Rodney Scott tells us they have been following up on this problem, "I know we do have some concerned citizens that have brought it to our attention that this is going on in some of the dumpsters and we did send out our community service liaison to reach out to the business owners to see if they had a problem with it and if we can identify some people, maybe these people need other types of services we can steer them to."

The neighbors say they've asked businesses to post no trespassing signs to discourage the dumpster diving, but that has yet to happen.

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