From the Pulse: Harlem Grad Films Anti-Bullying Video

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – A Harlem High School grad who has made it to Hollywood comes back to his hometown to stand up to bullying. It’s a story you told us about on Facebook.

Elliot Dal Pra is back in the hallways of Harlem High School and this time it’s not to learn, but to direct.

He brought a film crew as part of his anti-bullying campaign.

“Our campaign is about self-confidence and if we can show these kids that they’re empowered and they can follow their dreams and maybe they can also do this in the future, then we’ve done our job," said Dal Pra, Co-Founder/Director of the organization Friend Movement.

Dal Pra’s job was inspired by personal bullying which still haunts him today.

“I still get anxiety when I come in this high school and I think about the times people would push me or say horrible things to me. The anxiety is a good anxiety because it makes me creative,” Elliot said.

Harlem Students know all about bullying. In fact, they’re the reason Dal Pra decided to film at the school.

“Me an a few others created this piece on bullying and at some point through connections, we got contacted through Elliot and he wanted to take this piece and recreate it,” said Jonah Samp, a 2013 grad of Harlem High School.

The point of this shoot is to capture the emotion kids feel when they’re being bullied in school. Harlem senior and the main actor in this video, Keanu Concepcion, says playing this character makes bullying more real.

“It’s not too fun but some people have lived by character much longer than I have,” said Concepcion.

Everyone involved with this project says they hope to encourage people to be better friends and to let the bullied know they do have support.

It will be a couple weeks before this video airs and we’ll be sure to let you know when it does. Also, Dal Pra will be on E! News tonight if you want to see more of his campaign which has attracted a lot of celebrities.

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