Freeport Walks to Show Solidarity

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FREEPORT (WIFR) -- Today in Freeport, the community held its own type of marathon to show support for victims of the bombings.

Each step reminded Freeport residents of the strides in the Boston Marathon that ended in destruction. More than two-dozen walkers gathered in downtown Freeport for a symbolic walk, to support Bostonians.

“We’re United States citizens, we’re one country, we all need to stick together and show our support,” said Randall Skeens, owner of This Is It Eatery.

Walkers say there’s been too many tragedies, the Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook, that’s why they’re standing up walking together to send a positive message and to stand up to terrorism.

“It can happen anywhere, but it takes good people to step forward and say ‘no we aren’t going to allow this to happen in our communities, we care for each other, we look after each other,” said walk organizer, Terry Egan.

Terry Egan organized the walk and a fundraiser through This Is It Eatery. The restaurant served Boston Clam Chowder for a donation of $4.15, to symbolize April 15th, the day of the Boston Bombings.

Egan was able to organize this event pretty quickly. It started with a Facebook post around 7:30 p.m. last night. This Is It Eatery will donate 100% of the proceeds from today’s Boston Clam Chowder to Children’s Hospital in Boston.

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