Freeport Plaza Hotel Condemned

FREEPORT (WIFR) -- A Freeport Hotel is condemned after inspectors say they found a large amount of mold growing inside. This forced several rooms of people to move out.

The Freeport Plaza Hotel was condemned on Tuesday after inspectors found mold on the second floor, they say that while the violations weren’t life threatening they had to get everyone out.

The Plaza Inn sits right off East South Street just before entering the city. Inspectors say they searched the building after getting complaints of mold on the first floor and when they got there, they were denied access to the second floor by the hotel’s managers. Inspectors left, but came back with a search warrant and found mold all throughout the second floor along with roof leaks, and dead mice with mold growing on them. That’s when they told everybody to leave.

"When we're given no access to the additional building...we will go out and get a search warrant...if we feel it's necessary...and at that time...we felt it was necessary,” said Freeport Building Commissioner and Engineer Shaun Gallagher.

The hotel also acts as a terminal for a bus service. The city is allowing that part to operate, but says no one is allowed to rent a room. A Hotel manager says they are already working on getting the building up to code.

The city says the hotel owner is cooperating with them and expects the remodeling to take a couple of months.

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