Freeport Parents Tell District What Changes They Want in Schools

FREEPORT (WIFR) -- Parents in Freeport are taking a more active role in their kids’ education, telling the school district what they want changed.

Freeport District Schools allowed parents to voice their opinions on how to improve their schools at Saturday morning's community conversation. The two main topics for discussion were college and career readiness and financial health and human resources. After talking about their biggest concerns, parents were given the chance to vote on which issues they want addressed first.

"Each parent wants to know that when their kid leaves this school that they're educated enough to be successful in adult life whether that means they're career ready, college ready. Each student has different goals, but that's what we're hoping from the school district," Parent Tiffany Nieman, said.

The district also provided parents with data on each school and how it has performed in the last year with attendance and test scores.

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