Freeport Man Spending Seventh Night Homeless

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A Freeport man is spending his seventh night in freezing temperatures to raise awareness about poverty.

Dean Wright posts a daily video on Youtube updating followers on his "Ten Days of Homelessness" journey. Wright is the executive director of the Freeport Area Church Cooperative, an emergency homeless shelter in town.

He says he set off on this journey because he wants people to realize this problem does exist, and that the issue isn't as simple as saying homeless people just made bad choices.

"I'm not really a homeless person," said Wright. "Next Thursday, I go home. I get back to my life. So I have a light at the end of this tunnel. I've got some hope out there. And a lot of these guys that we've dealt with over the years they don't really necessarily know if that is out there for them."

We will follow his journey.

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