Freeport Man Returns Home

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FREEPORT (WIFR) -- A local man will sleep in his own bed for the first time, after spending 11 days on the streets of Freeport. We're getting our first look inside a wooded area where wright spent most of his time. Keep in mind, his lonely cold nights were spent with a goal to raise awareness of poverty in the Stateline.

Dean Wright says his journey was filled with a mix of emotions. He's the current director at Freeport Area Church Cooperative which helps homeless people in the Stateline. He says he created a makeshift shelter with a tarp and other miscellaneous items, and allowed himself to spend $6.50 a day on food. Wright says he spent some nights under bridges, and wasn't always well-received by those who are actually homeless.

“Tonight I go home, I go home to wife and kids, I always had hope that come Thursday December 6th, if you are really homeless you don’t know when the journey ends for you," said Wright.

Wright says he even looked through dumpsters for food and attended free dinners offered in the Stateline. He says he always made sure those who were actually homeless were fed first.

Wright says he had trouble sleeping in fear of getting attacked and being in the cold. He says his organization will start offering warmer outerwear to those in need.

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