New Proposed Public Safety Plan for City of Freeport Announced

FREEPORT (WIFR) – The City of Freeport is dealing with two murders of their own and today, Chief Jerry Whitmore and newly elected mayor Jim Gitz announced their plan to help make the city a safer place.

Some of their goals include parents being more accountable for their kids and improving neighborhoods inside and out by enforcing stricter property maintenance and holding town forums. Most importantly, they want to encourage us to come forward if we start seeing anything out of the ordinary even when crime isn’t top of mind.

"The community tends to forget about how important it is for them to be involved, and we've kind of left it up to the community to reach out to us, and this plan kind of puts it square on our shoulders that we have to be the ones to maintain that outreach to them,” said Chief Jerry Whitmore of the Freeport Police Department.

Gitz and Whitmore say they want your input. You can find more here: