Freeport Families Want Answers for Unsolved Deaths

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FREEPORT (WIFR) -- The families of six people killed in Freeport are demanding answers tonight; many have waited years for their loved one's killer to be caught.

Life hasn't gotten any easier for Connie Jocelyn. Her son Jimmy Whitehead was struck and killed by a car last June. She says the pain gets stronger every time she thinks of him.

"A very, very forgiving person… that's why I cannot understand why anyone left him in the road like that," she said.

The driver still hasn't been caught, and as Connie and Jimmy's brother Tranell pray tonight, they are still searching for answers about his death.

"It's really frustrating when my nieces and nephews ask me what happened to their daddy,” Tranell Jocelyn said, “because the fact is we don't know, and when we ask questions, there hasn't been any answers."

There were balloons that represented six victims of unsolved deaths in Freeport. Their families were all here, and they're all asking for the same thing.

"The only thing that I really want for right now is justice for my son,” said Veronica Piggue. “That's my main thing, and that way, my family can just have closure."

Veronica's son D'Andre Piggue was shot to death. Carl Driver's brother Stanley is believed dead. He says although it has been tough going six years without answers, he's not giving up hope on justice.

"We been around for years, so, it isn’t just we looking out for one,” Driver said. “We’re looking out for all. We want justice for all."

"This affects the whole community, and one thing about these type of crimes, it does not discriminate," said Bishop David Whitehead.

Some of the families say they’ve had continuous contact with police following up on their loved one's cases, and won't stop until they find closure.

The group also held a candlelight vigil, followed by a march through their neighborhood.

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