Freeport Council Hears New Proposal on City Hall Renovation

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FREEPORT (WIFR) -- Freeport’s city council hears a multi-million dollar proposal for the 100 year old City Hall building. City offices moved out about a year ago due to structural issues and the building’s been in limbo since then.

A special commission has spent the last 4 months coming up with plans for the old building. They think renovating the first two floors and turning the third floor into a usable space is the best way to go. It would cost about two million dollars. Some think that would be money well spent.

“I think what we're doing now is wasting money by renting when you're spending 70 thousand dollars a year with nothing to show for it,” says Andy Dvorak, a member of the group studying different purposes for the City Hall building.” If you take away this City Hall building, there's not anchor to the downtown anymore.”

Other options include selling the building or tearing it down. The commission is hoping to next hire a consultant to help find grants and tax credits that could help pay for the renovations.

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