Freeport Aldermen Consider Decrease in 2013 Property Tax Levy

FREEPORT (WIFR) -- Aldermen in Freeport consider lowering the amount of taxes they ask from homeowners.

The city council hopes to collect a little more than $2.5 million from property owners for 2013, that’ll be about $120,000 thousand less than the year before. What this will mean for most property owners, they'll pay less taxes to the city. However, that'll only be if their home value dropped by same about as the overall home value in Freeport. Remember, other groups get money from your property taxes, including the school district, the county, and Highland Community College. That means if one of those groups increases their levy, you'd pay more. Aldermen in Freeport say they hope that won't happen.

“The current administration and the current council wants to make sure we're setting the right precedent for the other taxing bodies. The Freeport taxing body for the municipality is less than 10 percent of the full tax budget of what the Stephenson County property owners pay, we want to set the right example,” says 2nd Ward Alderman Shawn Boldt.

Highland Community College trustees voted to leave their tax levy the same. The Stephenson County board voted to collect a little more than $3 million in property taxed for 2013, an increase from the year before. The Freeport School Board has not voted on a tax levy yet but is considering an increase. Tax bills are finalized in the spring. The first bill is mailed out in May or June.

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