Free Mammograms Offered to Uninsured and Underinsured Women

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- With any type of cancer early detection is key. So on Saturday women got the chance to make sure they don't have cancer by signing up for a free mammogram.

Doctors from Rockford Health System's Women's Health Center will give free breast cancer screenings to women whose insurance doesn't usually cover mammograms, or who don't have insurance at all. Last year more than 75 women got checked out through this special program, three of them actually needed treatment, one of them even had life-saving surgery. Organizers say it just goes to show how important these screenings really are.

"When you consider the fact that the national average for diagnosis for breast cancer is approximately three per one thousand women, we have had three in the 400 women that have been seen in Rockford so obviously it shows that there are women that are in need of this potentially lifesaving testing," Dr. Sandy Goldberg, Founder of the Silver Lining Foundation, said.

RMH teamed up with the Silver Lining Foundation and Fifth-Third Bank to do the screenings as part of breast cancer awareness month.

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