Former Janesville Postal Worker Sentenced for Mail Theft

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JANESVILLE (WIFR) -- A former Janesville postal worker has been sentenced to two years probation and $1,225 in restitution for mail theft. Hollibush had pleaded guilty back in November.

43 year old Kristy Hollibush had been employed as a mail carrier for a Janesville post office since 1999. From late 2011 through September 2012, Hollibush had taken items which were intended to be delivered. In total, 41 postal customers reported that their mail was tampered with or missing altogether. Twenty of the victims reported loss of monies.

Hollibush was terminated right away when investigators uncovered evidence of her theft.

At Hollibush's sentencing, one of the victims, Nancy Schulz, of Janesville, lost her only daughter in September 2012. Schulz explained that many of the letters and sympathy cards she received through the mail had been opened and resealed. Some cards or letters intended for her that were intercepted by Hollibush were never received at all.

Schulz says was not the loss of any money in the letters or cards, but the loss of not having received some of the kind words from friends or relatives on her daughter.

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