Foreclosure Assistance Program Expands to Help More Illinois Families

ILLINOIS (WIFR) -- When it comes to foreclosures, only seven cities have it worse than Rockford, but families are able to get more help than ever before.

The state of Illinois launched the Hardest Hit Program in 2011 to help homeowners who have lost part of their income due to unemployment or underemployment. The program has helped 7,200 families keep their homes. The amount of assistance each homeowner was recently increased from
$25,000 to $35,000. The program's director, Joe McGavin says the worst thing that someone facing foreclosure can do is nothing.

“That's one of the big things that people tend to do. They just tend to hesitate to get help. They feel embarrassed, frustrated, they don't know what to do to reach out. So we want to make sure that people get trusted safe advice, good quality advice and get the assistance they need," says McGavin.

To find out if you qualify for the Hardest Hit Program or to have your mortgage concerns answered, go to the website:

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