Flooding Update From Around the Stateline

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STATELINE (WIFR) --River levels continue to drop in much of the Stateline but the headaches are just beginning for dozens of families who live along the water.

What a difference a day makes; in Byron, the Rock River is slowly creeping back into its banks. The river hit an all-time high of 17.12 feet on Saturday. Water levels there continue to drop, giving more families a chance to head back to their homes and check out the damage.

“To live on the river, you take a little bit of a chance. Fortunately for us, it wasn’t too bad. Some of our neighbors weren’t as lucky so we feel bad for them and offer to help out in any way we can," says Terri Coopers, who lives in the Irwin Acres neighborhood outside Byron.

Boats and canoes are still the only means of transportation to several homes in the waterlogged Edgemere Terrace neighborhood in Roscoe.

Judy Olsen of Machesney Park is no stranger to high waters; she lived through the flood in 2008 and was prepared when water levels rose to almost thirteen feet outside her home on Queen Oaks Drive. Waters there are receding and Olsen and her neighbors are getting ready for the clean-up.

“Mud, dead fish, we once had a keg of beer; I didn't open it to see what was in it!” says Judy Olsen, who expects her yard will be back to normal in two to three weeks.

The Pecatonica River should crest Monday at a height of 14.1 feet, one foot over flood stage. Roads within Freeport are clear of water, but some county roadways remain swamped. Drivers are warned not to travel through any standing water.