Flag Burning Ceremony Pays Respects to Veterans

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STATELINE (WIFR) -- Three U.S. flags were burned today at the L-Z Peace Memorial.

“Means a lot to me. Gives me the opportunity to have my kids here with me, to show them how much love I have for my father,” said Sgt. Larry Orsborn, with the Illinois Army National Guard.

Today Larry remembers his father Lawrence Orsborn who served our country for over 20 yeasr and lost his life from complications due to Agent Orange.

The L-Z Peace Memorial was established 8 years ago, but this Veterans day marked the first annual flag burning ceremony, paying respect to those who fought for the red, white and blue. Vietnam veteran, Ed McMahon who hosted the ceremony says the flag burning is done in a specific manner so that the ashes of the burning flags are buried into the ground.

“The military pays the greatest respect to the American flag. Too many people have given their lives to this flag so we see to it that it’s properly taken care of,” said McMahon.

For Orsborn, he says the flag isn’t only a reminder of his father who fought in Vietnam for two years, but all those who give us our freedom today.

“See other veterans, let them know that I’m here, and how much respect I have for them, especially the Vietnam veterans who never had that welcome home,” said Orsborn

The flag burning ceremony will become an annual tradition.

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