First RVC Student Launches App Designed in Class

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- One of the newest apps you can download on your smartphone comes from right here in the Stateline. A student from RVC recently debuted an application on the Apple App Store that was first designed in a classroom at RVC.

Josh Glovinsky is all about fly fishing, a passion that inspired him to create a mobile application for his fellow fishermen. It's called Midwest Fishing Adventures; it’s the first app to go live online that was created in class by a student from RVC.

"It’s real time water data, it gives you the river gauge height and it gives you the stream flow and that's important to finding fish," says Josh Glovinsky,

He took the college’s mobile app development class in fall 2013 and says the course at RVC taught him some invaluable lessons.

"It’s a skill that no matter what, I can apply it. I've already applied it to my work. It's a great tool, a great skill to have, it gives me flexibility," says Glovinsky.

Professor Chuck Konkol started the class in Spring 2013 hoping students could use the skills they learned in the class room to make some extra money in the real world. Konkol wants to expand the class to include more students.

"I would like to offer an online version. If we had an online version I think we'd get even more students involved. They could take it anytime, anywhere," says Professor Chuck Konkol.

Even though Glovinsky's time in the class room is over, he continues to tweak his app, and may even launch a few more.

"I got other apps in mind in my head, it's just I really don't have the time," says Glovinsky.

He hopes other anglers will make time to download his free app before their next fishing trip. The app is only available for Apple products. Glovinsky says he is working on a version for Android phones. RVC plans to offer this mobile app development class this fall.

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