First Look at New Cancer Center

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BELOIT (WIFR) -- The Stateline’s newest cancer center has been open for business for a few weeks now, but we’re getting our first look today.
The center has helped about 300 patients already, but not just with cancer medicine and treatments. The new facility is hoping to make the overall experience more comfortable for patients.

The brand new 22,000 square foot facility cost almost $12 million to build and it officially opened just before the new year. It’s the first time Beloit Health System has been able to house both radiation and medical oncology in the same facility, and that’s something they believe will improve the overall quality of life for folks battling cancer.

“It allows people to get treatment in the community, rather than have to travel longer distances, which when you’re feeling ill is a real boon. The affiliation with the university allows us to have the best treatments,” said Dr. Peter Mahler with the Beloit Cancer Center.
The Beloit Health System is partnering with the University of Wisconsin Medical Services, so their doctors are going to play a big role in the treatments at the facility.

The center is the second to open in the Stateline area, after another cancer center opened last year near I-90. We’re told the idea behind these centers is getting cancer treatment in the Stateline more convenient and more aesthetically pleasing.

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