First Look at Budget Shows Deficit in Boone County

BOONE COUNTY (WIFR) -- Boone County projects it will be nearly $900,000 short next year and leaders are starting to come up with where to find that cash.

Dealing with a deficit is not new for Boone County leaders. They say over the last 5 years, property taxes aren't growing at the same rate as expenses for things new roads and sheriffs deputies to patrol the streets. The county administrator crunched the numbers and found the county will bring in $15,079,525 from property and sales taxes and other sources next year. However, the county is projected to spend $15,947,359 in 2015. The difference is $867,834. County Board Chairman Bob Walberg says the board will meet with every department leader to see what cuts they can make.

“In the past they've been excellent in helping us address our shortfall problems like we had in 2010, there is always such a demand for more services and we have an increase in population so we have the need for more services and that’s the challenge," says Boone County Board Chairman Bob Walberg.

There is a 3 million dollar reserve fund but that is to be used as cash until property taxes come in and for emergencies. The county board has little more than 2 months to figure out where to cut, the budget needs to be passed by November 1st.

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