First Look Into Illinois Concealed Carry Class

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- With all the violence taking place around us many of us feel the need to carry a gun to keep ourselves and our families safe. With concealed carry going into effect in just a few months the classes needed to get licensed are filling up fast.

Lynda Ragsdale was attacked a month ago while sitting in her car with her three year old son. The Stateline mother wishes she had a gun to protect them.

"I was afraid for my life and for my son's life," says Ragsdale. "Instead of continuing to live my life and feeling helpless at any given time, I'm doing something about it."

Ragsdale is one of Larry Hodges first concealed carry student. Hodges has put two classes totaling about forty students through 12 hours of in class training and 4 on the gun range.

"It is gratifying to be able to take a person who doesn't really know a lot about guns," says Hodges, "and be able to educate them to where they have some ability to do something as far as protecting themselves."

Hodges will also hold addition training for anyone who wishes to learn situation real life scenarios so they are better equipped to handle actually needing to pull out a gun in public during an emergency situation. Those courses will be in the spring.

Gun owners can apply for concealed carry permits starting on January 5th, but it could take up to three months afterward before they may be able to start carrying.

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