Finalist Interviews to Begin for Proposed 2014 Wellness Clinic

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Mayor Larry Morrissey and the City of Rockford Human Resource Department will begin the first of six interviews for RFP finalists for a proposed 2014 Wellness Clinic. Because of the scope and nature of the project, the City is conducting these meetings as an open meeting.

The meetings will take place at the following locations at the following times.

Thursday, April 18th Medcor, 9:30 AM @ RMAP (located at 313 N. Main Street)
Tuesday, April 23rd Wellness for Life, 1:00 PM @ RMAP (located at 313 N. Main Street)
Thursday, April 25th Marathon, 9:30 AM @ RMAP (located at 313 N. Main Street)
Thursday, April 25th OSF. 3:00 PM @ RMAP (located at 313 N. Main Street)
Wednesday, May 8th RMH, 9:30 AM @ Coronado Rehearsal Hall (located at 314 N. Main Street, 2nd floor, enter through ticket office.
Tuesday, May 21st Swedish American 1:00 PM @ RMAP (located at 313 N. Main Street)

The City of Rockford is seeking a partner or partners to: improve the health and wellness of our employees and families aid the City in leading both our citizens and providers in health and wellness defend and stimulate development in our health care economy.

The city intends to create a clinic that will serve as a hub of health promotion, coaching, lifestyle education, disease and condition management, as well as ensure our members continued access to high quality primary care services now and in the face of health care reform.

They would also like this health center to reduce costs for disability and occupational health.

The City primarily uses a three pronged approach to its health benefits program including consumer driven and value based design, wellness, and aggressive disease management.

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