Final Community Input Sessions for Dist. 205 Facilities Plan

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The Rockford Public School District is moving closer to deciding which option they'll choose when it comes to making school changes under its 10-Year Facilities Plan; all 39 community input sessions are now complete.

Those sessions were packed into about a two-and-a-half-week period, so people could learn about the options. Every plan involves closing at least seven elementary schools, King being one of them, which is where one of the last three input sessions was held today.

More than two dozen parents, teachers and members of the Rockford area gathered at King to hear details on all three plans. The first would close seven schools, the second would close eight, adding Nelson to the list and the third would shut down nine schools, adding White Swan. Again King is expected to close regardless.

"I think it's all just transition for the people involved, the students, the parents, the teachers. I feel more confident today listening about how they're going to ease into this. He said today it would be at least three years probably before any of the closings," said Christine Campbell, the literacy leader at King Elementary.

Part of the reason for these closures is many of the buildings aren't full. In fact at King, 46% of seats are open. The school board is expected to get a first look at the final plan at its June 24th meeting.

If you're still interested in commenting on any of the three facilities plans, you can do so on the district's website. You can also check out other community feedback, just click the attached link.

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