Fighting the Winter Blues

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STATELINE (WIFR) – It’s been a long and harsh winter and while we can’t change the cold temperatures, a local counselor says we can fix our cabin fever.

Aspen Center Counselor Steve Smith says he’s seen a 15% increase in the number of patients he’s treating for winter depression. Smith says we can help fight winter blues by staying active and watching what we eat. He also says joining a gym can be physically and mentally beneficial as well as staying away from foods higher in fat and sugar that can typically make us feel down.

"If it's truly something that's ruining your life you may want to consider relocating. This is going to pass, trying to keep some perspective, and that we will enjoy Spring. Sometimes we need these cold days to really appreciate the warm ones,” said Aspen Center Director Stephen Smith.

Smith says January and February are the most common months for winter depression. It’s after the holidays and we tend to have extra time on our hands.

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