Farmers Struggle to Plant Crops

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STATELINE (WIFR) – Our nice sunny streak wasn’t enough to help local farmers start planting and that could lead to a jump in food prices. Many farmers are working around the clock to save their crops and your money.

Despite a week’s worth of beautiful weather, farmer Gary Shedd is still behind on planting his corn crop.

“It’s been a big rush the last two and a half days to try to get some dry conditions and beat the rainstorm,” said Shedd.

A few weeks ago, his 1,400 acres were flooded by the Rock River and since then, not much has changed.

“It takes two or three days to get back in the field even if you have nice sunny days,” Shedd said. “You gotta hustle when the time is right, 5 o’clock to 10 at night.”
Now local farmers are racing against the clock to plant some if not all of their fields. According to agricultural experts at the University of Illinois, farmers could begin to lose corn if it’s not planted by tomorrow, May 10th. It’s a deadline Larry Larson is afraid he won’t make since he barely started on his 1,100 acres.

“We just got started planting in the last couple of days and have less than 10%of our corn in,” said Larson.

Larson says more rain will push him back another two weeks, although it’s been a late start, farmers like Shedd are optimistic there is brighter and warmer days ahead.

Although many farmers are cutting it close to tomorrow’s deadline, we’re told there’s still a chance for good corn crop if they plant in the next two weeks, if weather permits.

The drought last year left farmers with a short crop, which increased corn prices as well as prices for meat and chicken. The rain could have a similar effect on this year’s crop if farmers can’t get to their fields in the next few weeks.

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