Farmers Look Forward to More Snowfall

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The coming snowfall could be good news for area farmers who are still recovering from last year's drought.

Farmer Bob Phelps was only able to harvest thirty percent of his corn crop last year after dealing with the worst drought since 1988.

He said it's a good thing we've had snow the past couple weeks, but he wants to see at least five more inches of precipitation before he starts planting his crop.

Phelps said at this point it's hard to tell how well his crops will perform in the coming year.

"We're going to go ahead and continue doing what we normally do based upon what we've done in the past and what's the right thing to do to get a crop in the ground," said Phelps. "Then just hope that we do get the moisture for that. As far making an significant changes because we're dry up to this point, no I don't think, I can't at this point say that there will be any significant changes made."

Phelps said last year around this time looked pretty good, but then all of a sudden it stopped raining. He said these things you can never predict.

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