1 Year Later, Family and Friends Remember Rockford Murder Victim

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Family and friends of a young Rockford murder victim say they're still searching for answers and justice more than half a year after the man died.

Shaq Zackery would have been 19 had he not been gunned down at a party he attended in October on Rockford's south west side. His mother Innette Zackery says she's getting frustrated with the lack of cooperation police are getting from those who attended the party. Zackery says she's sure people saw what happened, and just aren't telling investigators. Police tell her they are being stonewalled by everyone who was at the party.

"I'm just very hurt and I miss my baby," says the mother. "His daughter has to grow up without a father."

Innette says she will fight until her last breath to make sure her son's killer is brought to justice. She hopes those who know what happened will speak out and police are able to solve this case soon.

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