Family OK After Fire Destroys Their Home

OGLE COUNTY (WIFR) -- A family in rural Ogle County is looking for a new place to stay after an intense fire burns their home to the ground on Saturday afternoon.

The couple and their 4 kids are OK, they weren’t home when the fire started. Neighbors say the family was enjoying the parade for German Valley Days when this started. Crews were called around 1:30pm on Saturday to a two story home in on Leaf River Road. About 100 firefighters battled the flames and crews say there aren’t fire hydrants in the area so water has to get hauled in. A deputy fire chief with the Byron Fire Department says at least 9 tankers came out to help. It took about an hour for crews to douse the flames, they estimate using more than 16,000 gallons of water at this fire.

“The problem is the rural water supply, because you don’t have hydrants,” says Deputy Chief Orin Snodgrass. “It causes a delay. It’s an unavoidable delay because there is no water supply."

A brother of the homeowner says they built this house about 6 years ago. Several relatives were out at the home to offer help to the homeowners. The Red Cross is also helping the family. Investigators with the state fire marshal’s office are on scene trying to figure out what started this fire.

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