Family Holds Candlelight Vigil for 4th of July Shooting Victim

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The family of the man shot as fireworks went off on the 4th of July gathers Monday to remember their loved one.

Semarin Dubois’ sister Destiny Sallis organized the candlelight vigil to honor her brother. She was joined by more than 20 other relatives to honor the man they'll always remembers as a jokester. The group lit candles that spelled out RIP Big Kat, a nickname for the 27-year-old victim. Sallis and her brother were together at a July 4th celebration on Henrietta Avenue when someone fired into the crowd. Sallis remembers the shots and says seeing her brother killed is a moment she can't get out of her mind.

"There is no more him right now, everybody out here, he’d be out here too but there’s no more him right now. He would have done this for anyone of his other friends, if they were in the same boat he is in right now. It’s hard, it’s been hard on us but we have to keep stay strong,” says Destiny Sallis.

Sallis says her family suffered another tragedy not too long ago; another brother was killed in a car accident. She is hoping police make an arrest soon in this case and there is justice for her family.

Sadly, this neighborhood is familiar with violence. Last summer, 54-year-old Mike Hughes was shot and killed in his apartment just a block away from last Thursday’s murder. Two teens were arrested in that case.

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