Families Tackle Storm Damage Debris

WINNEBAGO COUNTY (WIFR) -- Families across Northern Illinois are cleaning up after storms on Monday evening, storms that left a significant path of damage on their wake.

Families in Roscoe and Rockton tried to use the lull between the heavy rains to clear some of the limbs and debris around their homes. In Roscoe, a large section of a tree came down and took with it a power line at 3rd Street and Chestnut. The Harlem Roscoe Fire Protection District had to deal with downed power lines on McCurry road, as well as a shed that collapse on Willowbrook Road. Merri Boos came home to a surprise; the wind took down the flagpole in her front yard in Rockton.

"Nothing surprises you out here because you're out in the country and being out in the country, that’s what you expect. The flagpole, no I was not expecting that. The tree limbs, yeah, you get used to that, you pull them up and thrown them in the burn pile and just go with it," says Merri Boos.

A few fields near Rt. 2 and Roscoe Road get hit by winds strong enough to knock down acres of corn.

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