Families Rally Against Recent Violence

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BELOIT (WIFR) – Summit Park has been the scene of two separate murder s in Beloit this year. Police say it’s been a violent year however community members are now working to take that park and their city back away from criminals.

Shasha Hipolito is still mourning the loss of her 16-year-old son Jose Carruthers-Paramo. The young man known as PJ was gunned down at Summit Park earlier this month.

“He wanted to go to college. He was just learning how to drive. And I never, ever want another parent to know how I feel.”

Just feet away from where his memorial sits dozens from all over Beloit took to the same park where he was killed sending a message to those causing the pain in this tight-knit community.

Pastor Eddie James came all the way from Atlanta, bringing with him a group of 20 young men and women who all lived the life of the streets but saved themselves. He hopes his message of change and hope will convince kids in Beloit put their guns down.

Beloit Police say they’re working hard to solve each crime and bring justice to every family, but they say they can’t solve the city’s crime problem all on their own.

There have been seven murders this year in Beloit, only two all of last year. Some police leaders say the homicide rate hasn't been this high in more than 20 years.

James also takes troubled teenagers who struggle with life on the streets and sometimes brings them back to Atlanta with him.

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