Fall Leaf Collection for Rockford

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The City provides leaf collection and disposal for resident if they are properly containerized and placed at the curb. The proper containers are a 30-40 gallon biodegradable 2-ply paper bag or a standard garbage can with a bold “X” on the side of the can facing the street. They will be collected for composting on your normal collection day

Street sweeping will continue throughout the fall leaf season. While our street sweepers normally pick up leaves and debris that naturally fall into the street, the operation is not designed to pick up raked leaves and yard waste. It can clog the street sweepers.
It is illegal to burn or rake/blow leaves into the street. Never allow yard waste to be washed down or put into storm drains, detention areas, or drainage ways. This can cause nuisance flooding.
If you have any further questions regarding yard waste pick up, please feel free to call City of Rockford Community Development Department at 815-987-5566.

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