Falcon Road Construction Project

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The local, state and federal government aren't having any problems funding a multimillion dollar project for much needed improvements that will soon be coming to Falcon Road and Airport Drive.

Mayor Larry Morrissey said, “It's been an embarrassment, frankly, to ride people. These are major world-class companies that we have. Companies like Anderson Packaging and many other corporate executive folks that we bring through. This is not putting our best foot forward."

Falcon Drive and Airport Road have continued to deteriorate due to the large volume of truck traffic. However, a new 10 million dollar project is expected to fix not only the roads, but the surrounding business.

Jim Ryan, City of Rockford Administrator, said, "With additional new infrastructure, that will spur more economic development and without eliminating some of the blight and poor infrastructure, its really an inhibitor for new businesses to come and locate here."

Almost $3,000,000 of the funding is coming from a federal grant. The Rockford airport is also chipping in $3,000,000, with IDOT and the City of Rockford sharing the rest of the cost.

"We took this bus tour around so that you could see all the businesses and opportunities that it is going to protect and create," said Senator Dick Durbin.

Overall, the project will create one hundred new construction jobs. As well as secure the 700 jobs already in the area with a hope to create more.

Local leaders feel this project is the first step to support growth near the airport. Once all the funding comes through, the project is expected to begin next year and should be completed by early 2014.

The project will also spruce up the entrances to the airport on both Airport and Kishwaukee road.

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