Facts and Figures on Tanning as Illinois Considers Ban

CHICAGO (AP) -- Gov. Pat Quinn has until Saturday to decide whether he will sign legislation that would ban indoor tanning in Illinois for anyone younger than 18. Here are some facts and figures about teen tanning.

-- Teens make up about 8 percent of the indoor tanning market in the U.S. Of the 28 million people tanning indoors each year 2.3 million are teens.

-- Nearly 70 percent of tanning salon patrons are white women and girls between the ages of 16 and 29.

-- Teens netted $213.2 million for the industry tanning industry in 2010. The industry's total take that year was $2.6 billion.

-- About 1 million people tan in tanning salons on an average day in the U.S.

-- Other states that ban indoor tanning include California, New Jersey, Oregon and Vermont.

Source: The American Academy of Dermatology

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