Facebook Tracking Your Online Habits for Advertisements

NEW YORK (CBS NEWS ) -- Facebook is making some new changes.
The social network can watch its users activity even more - but soon users will be able to find out why.

Every time you log on to Facebook the social network is tracking your online habits to know what advertisements you might be interested in. The process is explained in a new company video.

The social networking service is not only logging your habits on their site, the company now says it will start following users activity on other sites as well.

Connie Guglielmo, CNET Editor in Chief, says "Now they're going to be looking at external websites that your logging in through your Facebook account."

If you click on a retailer's website through Facebook and start looking at new televisions, your Facebook news feed could start showing TV ads soon after.

Google and hundreds of other websites also use this targeted ad technology.
But Facebook is the first to tell you why - in the coming weeks there will be a new feature......

A pop up will give you an explanation of why the ad was placed. The feature also allows you tell Facebook which ads you want .

"They are going to serve up ads to you no matter what the point of view here is you might have a little bit of a say over the kinds of ads that you're seeing and you're not seeing," Guglielmo said.

Facebook started sending alerts about the changes to users on June 12 and says they will take effect in the coming weeks.

Facebook users will be able to opt out of the program. To learn how go to https://www.facebook.com/about/ads/

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