Facebook Group Tries to Save Rural Oaks Schnucks Store

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Families around the Rural Oaks neighborhood in Rockford don't want to see their local Schnucks grocery store leave without a fight.

When Dawn Glass put out an SOS, Save Our Schnucks, on Facebook, she wasn't sure how many people would answer the cal. Three weeks after the company announced plans to shutter the store on Rural Street, Glass's Facebook group is up to 1,200 members and growing.

"I wanted a way so people could just have a few clicks on their computer, a place to post their sadness, their ideas," says Dawn Glass.

Schnucks owns the property and could remove all the equipment inside, making it a lot harder for another grocery store to open up here. Some Rockford aldermen have talked with the company trying to convince them not to place restrictions on a new buyer or tenant. The Facebook group could give some extra leverage.

"The more people that are interested, the more people following, the better position that puts people like Alderman Tom McNamara, Alderman Frank Beach and myself in when we are having these discussions to work on your behalf," says 2nd Ward Alderman Jamie Getchius.

Glass says even if it’s not a Scnhucks, a store is needed as an anchor in her neighborhood.

"If we can’t save our Schnucks, we at least want Schnucks to hear that please don’t put a non-compete so someone else can move in and give it a go," says Dawn Glass.

The Schnucks on Rural Street and the one on South Alpine are slated to close in less than 2 weeks on May 31st. The company has not said what will happen to two buildings after they shut down.

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