Extra Security for Black Friday

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- A Black Friday shopping trip ended as early as it began for two shoppers. Two men are in custody after a fight at Cherryvale Mall this morning.

‘Tis the season for door-buster deals, but not everyone has holiday cheer. Officer David Fidduccia says trouble starts before shoppers spend a dime.

"We look for large groups of people that might be acting disorderly or unruly," said Fidducia.

Cherry Valley police stationed an additional three officers at the shopping center, to help mall security. Even with the extra eyes and security cameras, Fidducia says it's impossible to watch every person.
Intense crowds aren't the only thing officers have to worry about. Fidduccia says holiday shoppers can be easy targets for theft.
When buying gifts, he says customers shouldn't flash their cash. Although there's more people, patrol sergeant Stephen Benney says more thefts aren't reported on Black Friday.

"Naturally we always have shoplifters any given day of the year, but we try to deter that as much as we can,” said Sergeant. Benney.

When incidents happen, Cherry Valley police has a sub-station in the mall where people can be booked and kept in a holding cell. A few teenagers got in trouble for stealing this morning.

As for this morning’s fight, two 19-year-olds were arrested. Two other people had to be taken to the hospital, but are expected to be alright. A Cherry Valley police officer was actually hurt in the fight. More people might be charged.

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