Experts Say Lawn Care Important During the Fall

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STATELINE (WIFR) – Today is the first full day of fall, but that doesn’t mean we should slack off on our lawn care. Experts say it’s actually the most important time of the year for our yard.

“Lawn care in a lot of people’s minds is a spring activity.”

It may seem like a lot of work, however doing a few simple things to our lawn now, can really help it look amazing in the spring.
“Make sure you’re fertilizing the lawn and taking care of any weeds. If you have any bare spots you want to be aerating those spots and over seeding,” said Jason Jordan, owner of Spring-Green Lawn Care.

Home Depot employees say the recent warm weather is delaying customers from doing fall yard work.

“We haven’t seen the big push that we would normally see with the lawn fertilizers and the lawn cleanup with the rakes and paper bags. Generally we’ll start seeing that when the weather starts dipping down,” said E.J. Dudeck with Home Depot.

Experts say we should plant new seeds before the cooler temperatures hit the Stateline. In fact, this weeks’ weather is ideal for seeing a yard.
“Warm soli temperatures and then the cool air temperatures are ideal for seed germination and new seed growth.

A lot of Stateline yards are still recovering from last year’s devastating drought. It will likely take another year for our grass to fully recover, and once the cooler weather kicks in, theirs is still a lot of work to do.
“Most importantly, make sure you rake up all your leaves as soon as possible. Don’t let them sit there and get snow covered.”

Surprisingly, experts say falling leaves can kill a yard quicker than a drought.

Experts also say that our yards should get plenty of water all year long.