Erin's Law in Action

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STATELINE (WIFR) – Local school districts are trying to prevent sexual abuse by discussing the issue with children in school. Now thanks to Erin’s Law, more victims are coming forward.

Kids are learning more than math in school. They’re also being educated on sexual abuse and assault. As a result, we’re told more kids are reporting they’ve been sexually abused.

According to the Carrie Lynn Children’s Center, there’s already been 5 reports of sexual abuse in Rockford this school year. Thanks to Erin’s Law administrators are required to offer a program teaching kids, pre-k through 5th grade the “touching rule” where children learn what’s inappropriate. Carrie Lynn Children Center Executive Director Kathy Pomahac says the program is saving more kids from further abuse.

“that really is the point, is that we’re reaching kids who otherwise wouldn’t have told so that we can make sure that they’re safe,” said Pomahac.

We also checked with Harlem School District. Administrators say they haven’t started their abuse education program just yet because the curriculum still has to be approved by the school board.
We’re told in most sex abuse cases, the abuse comes from a person the victim already knows.

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