Enrollment Forms Mailed to Those Losing Medicaid

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OSHKOSH, Wis. (AP) -- The state is mailing paper health insurance applications to an estimated 77,000 people slated to lose Medicaid coverage in January but are having trouble accessing the federal online marketplace.

Oshkosh Northwestern Media reports Monday that the move comes amid growing pressure from health care advocates and county officials who are calling on Gov. Scott Walker to take action as the Dec. 15 deadline for enrolling in coverage through the marketplace approaches.

Those being kicked off of Badgercare Medicaid coverage and who don't enroll for a new plan through the exchange by Dec. 15 won't have coverage in January.

Walker decided only to allow people earning at or below the federal poverty level to remain on Badgercare, rejecting federal money to cover those earning up to 138 percent of poverty.

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